Top Roofing Trends of 2020

    roofing industry trends 2020

    Your roof is right above your head and you barely even think about it?

    The roof of your property provides you with protection and defense against rain, snow, hail, and other weather conditions. In other words, your roof is an essentially negligible part of the house or office. However, the extreme weather and other natural factors can cause the roof to look old, worn out, and dusty. To fix this problem, look out for the new roofing trends in 2020 to get that classy touch for your house

    The main reason why your roof should look new is because it gives off the first impression of your persona when someone visits your house. As your roof covers the largest surface area on the exterior of your house, a regular maintenance check is essentially now and then. However, if you are well-equipped with a roof that is trendy and new, you will have fewer problems, to begin with.

    Did you know? Your roof can last up for upto15-30 years if it is regularly maintained and the latest roofing industry trends are followed! This means that your roof is as important as any other part of your house hence have a look at various other reasons as to why following roofing trend is essential and what difference can it make to the overall look of your house!

    Roofing Trends You Can Follow:

    Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing material is rapidly ascending in popularity due to the final look that it gives to your property, their durability, versatile design, and the whole aesthetic feel they bring all together. Metal roofs are appealing and hence are the top choice for many property owners these days. They also provide a sense of security and protection for many properties as well as allow many people the chance to customize the exterior of their properties according to their own preferences.

    While the upfront cost of installing a metal rooftop surpasses that of traditional asphalt shingles, the additional cost is worth the additional expense — metal material has a long life expectancy of as long as 50 years and does not require maintenance very often. Furthermore, when the opportunity arrives to upgrade or change your metal roofing materials, you can have complete confidence that the procedure is eco-friendly. Normal metal roofing materials like aluminum or steel contain high quantities of recycled materials and can be reused toward the end of their lifespan. With a metal roof installed in your house, you’re likely to have reduced heat transfer, lower utility costs, and also a longer lifespan than asphalt!

    Metal roofs also come in a vast range of colors to complement the color scheme of your house. These include copper, bronze, blue, red, and brown!

    Light Colors

    If you find out that your roof is not in the condition of being repaired in the year 2020, then go for a new installation and choose a light color! These light-colored roofs have been recently trending and people have been preferring them over boring black and gray ones. If you’re genuinely confused about what color to give to your roof then driving around your neighborhood would be a nice idea. In this way, you can closely observe what color roofs have been in style these days. Also, a lighter looking exterior reflects UV rays and in turn, makes your home or office be cooler as the heat won’t get absorbed.

    The new trends especially for 2020 include soft green, pale blues, and warm neutrals like beige and off-white!

    Flat Roofs

    For quite some time now, flat roofs have been a typical decision for anyone who’s looking for new rooftops. In the year 2020, roofers expect to see many flat rooftops because of the benefits they bring. If you haven’t thought about this choice yet, get some information about it during your meeting with a professional roofing company and discuss all the questions that you might have in mind!

    A few mortgage holders like to have a flat roof since solar panels are very easy to install in this situation. Others incline toward the modern style that has an inclined design. Flat roofs are also more affordable and reasonable to install in comparison to other types of roofs that are available in the market, so if you’re looking to refrain from investing much into a roof then, this one’s definitely for you.

    You may be worried about the absence of an adequate drainage on a flat roof for your property. This common issue can be solved with appropriate waterproofing or a separate little drainage system that can be set up especially for the flat roof of the house. Generally, flat roofs are liked by most customers because of the simplicity that they bring to your property, it's nothing fancy yet elegant and that’s what you want for your home or office. The good part about this roof is that there’s no maintenance needed at all!


    Regardless of what type of roof you might prefer in 2020, another trend worth considering is skylights. Skylights are not an innovation, but they have been recently on many people's bucket lists because they’re aesthetically pleasing and bring natural light into your house.

    These types of roofs have recently won the hearts of many customers as they appear distinct and make rooms airy... If these roofs are placed with planning then you can benefit in the following ways

    • Increased natural lighting into your house
    • Artificial lighting is used less
    • Lower electricity bills
    • Greater ventilation
    • Increases property value due to the aesthetic feel

    While installing this type of roof is a great idea, some people are still hesitant about Skylights due to concerns such as leaks and air transfer. Luckily, both of these problems can be solved in the blink of an eye with the use of weatherstripping so don’t worry and go ahead with this latest trend to give your house that classy and unique touch.

    If you want your house to stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood, then you should get skylight roofs and trust us when we say that you won’t regret it even a bit!

    Solar Roofing Panels

    One of the newest trends you’ll observe in the roofing industry in 2020 is solar roofing. As this option becomes more viable and more accessible to customers; more and more people want to install it in their new homes or industrial buildings due to the intricate design and the numerous benefits it brings along with it for their various property owners.

    There’s more than one reason why anyone would want a solar panel roof in their house. Primarily, this new type of roof is not only attractive and more durable but also very budget-friendly and this is why it is the choice of many people. Many solar panel roofers also have various discounts for their customers to satisfy them greatly. Solar panels are multifunctional and prove protection as well as generate electricity for your home or office, the good part is that you can also sell some electricity if there’s any surplus available. These solar panels save you a great deal of money by reducing your annual utility bills!

    Traditional residential roof solar panels in earlier times were bulky and very costly, they were also not appealing at all. Fortunately, the latest roofing techniques solved all these previous problems. Solar shingles or photovoltaic shingles offer the complete performance of a solar panel but just mimic the overall look and function of conventional roofs!

    Synthetic Roofs

    Another roofing trend that you can expect to see in 2020 is synthetic roofing materials, which are constructed from a durable polyurethane material. These are super unique due to their formation from real pieces of wood, giving them a soothing and aesthetic appearance. The best part about this type of roof is that it won’t get worn out because wood is not ruined in any circumstance.

    Over the past few years, synthetic roofs have been the new thing due to their natural and eco-friendly aspect. Many homeowners prefer it due to its lightweight nature as it weighs a lot less than all other heavy metals and roofs.

    They also have a very high ranking in the roofing market as they have an incredible ability to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 115 mph.

    Green Roofs

    For anyone who prefers eco-friendly options for anything and everything, these green roofs are typically made for them. These roofs are super unique as it is sort of a paved roof which consists of soil and different kinds of vegetation. How exciting does it sound to have a garden as a roof over your home?

    While some people think that having a garden as a roof sounds extremely unnecessary, there are many reasons why you should consider it. For starters, it adds a unique and aesthetic touch to your house that you might not obtain from anywhere else. Green roofs can also impact the environment by creating a natural yet cozy habitat that helps to reduce the amount of acid rain and will even lower your electricity bill as well by adding insulation to your home environment. A green roof will also protect your roof's upper and lower surfaces, just like any regular shingles would do.


    After thoroughly reading about the new roofing trends that have been circulating in the market, pick the best and most popular one according to your needs! Carefully go through each type and know what kind of roof does your house needs!

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