Popular Roofing Types in Houston TX: Metal Roofing vs. Shingle Roofing vs. Tile Roofing

    Popular Roofing Types in Houston TX

    You work hard and invest a lot to put a roof over your head. Having it come crashing is something you would never want to happen. Therefore, getting the right roofing material installed is of paramount importance. You have to be very careful about this important decision because an average home usually requires a roof overhaul after almost every 25-50 years. So, a roof that can last longer is important to be chosen for your home, especially if you live in Houston with a blazing sun.

    Houston Texas’ weather might be harsh sometimes, but selecting the right roofing material can help you deal with it. Whether you need a new roof installed or looking for roofing services in Houston TX to get your old roof replaced, then here are the most popular roofing types you can choose from. Continue reading to make the most of this.


    When shopping for roofing material, most people consider durability and cost to be the most important factors. Here are the three most popular roofing types explained in detail that can be a perfect choice for your home.

    Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing, aka "forever roof," is a perfect choice for residential roofing. If you are looking for a way to increase your property's value, then getting a metal roof installed is your best bet. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost Vs. Value report, metal roofs can recoup up to 60.9% resale value. Besides, metal roofs are considered environmentally friendly due to their recyclable property.


    • Highly durable
    • A-class fire rating
    • Recyclable
    • Sheds snow and water quickly, preventing ice dams


    • Expensive
    • Can easily dent when hit by a heavy object
    • In case of emergency, difficult for firefighters to break


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