Importance of Online Reviews for Small Businesses in 2020

    Importance of Online Reviews for Small Businesses in 2020

    The world is changing and online space is more important than the real world. People go online for everything they seek. Even if they have to make a personal decision, they would go online to see which is better. This huge impact of digital medium on people has made them trust the online world more and more. Businesses grow online and also get reviewed by their consumers in different places like social media, review sites, and their websites. More than 80 percent of people review almost 10 comments or reviews about a certain product or service before deciding to buy it.

    This huge level of trust people have put on reviews has increased the importance of online reviews by leaps and bounds. No more and more brands are focusing on having a positive and strong online reputation. They are considering and also hiring people who would manage their online reviewing presence and are also putting away a defined budget for the cause. 

    Although many businesses do not like the online reviewing system, they can not deny the importance of it. Responding to both positive and negative feedback is equally important as any other business process. Hence, the following is a compilation of reasons making it clear that the importance of online reviews is ever so increasing.


    1) Reviews will help you get found:

    Reviews are one of the most important and advantageous ways of improving your SEO ranking. Your business can appear higher whenever a customer searches for a product that you are provided based on how many positive reviews you have. Google takes these reviews from many sites and hence ranks you based on them. Local searches can highly be based on reviews and feedbacks from people who have already availed the services or products of a certain brand. Sites like online business directories have a listing of brands and businesses along with the reviews of their customers. This helps other prospects to know which service or product they must buy. Along with Google and Yelp, Facebook is also having a considerable boost in the business world regarding the reviews. Several apps are defined for reviews only and help customers decide while buying online. 

    2) Reviews make you credible:

    It’s the same as a lot of people talking good about someone in real life. We, humans, tend to believe in other judgments more than we do on our likings. This is the reason when we see many people grading some service or product as 5 stars, we believe them and take the dive of buying whatever it is. the importance of online reviews is evident from this perspective that when you get many positive reviews online you appear to be more of a tried and tested brand hence your credibility improves. Even on Facebook, there is an option for reviews on business pages. Your customers can review and give feedback either on request or on their own. These reviews will appear on top of your FB page to the visitors coming to it. Reading them will make you a credible business if you have many people liking your products. 

    3) Reviews let you know what you should improve:

    When being on the provider or developer end, you can not fairly see where you are lacking and what improvements your products or services need. To see through the quality of your products being unbiased is only possible by getting reviews about them to form someone totally out of your business team. And these are the people who will be giving their money to buy from you. These people will give the best value-based reviews. You can maximize the features that your customers tend to love more and cut off the production of those products that are not likely to fall into consumer’s fondness. 

    4) Reviews connect you with customers:

    Your customers are the most important asset for your business. They can make you or break you with their response to your products or services, you are selling to them and hence must stay connected daily with them. Whenever you make a sale request for feedback and when someone gives it make sure to respond to them within an hour. You need to make a positive and warm environment for your customers so that they may feel connected to an eligible and professional brand. Turning your customers into loyal ones is done majorly through responding to reviews and feedbacks. The importance of online reviews is clear from the feasibility of being able to connect with them. 

    5) They allow the word of mouth marketing:

    Reviews help you be a topic on the internet. Providing a space to your consumers so that they can give their feedback about your company is a big source of becoming a part of online chatter which further promotes word of mouth marketing. You can get the comments or chatter that is happening about you by searching for tools to look for certain keywords over the web that are linked to your business. 

    How QRGTech can Help?

    As the importance of online reviews is quite clear from these five points now you need to look for a marketing company that can do these favors for you. Through QRGTech you can get to know a world of marketing through reviews and feedbacks. QRGTech can help you be on listings where there are many positive reviews about your brand as well. Initial positive reviews will help you make sales and hence more positive reviews and feedback will keep falling in. Through QRGTech you can build the most positive image of your brand in front of your prospective customers. Increased sales and leads through the right ways of marketing online is the strength of QRGTech. You can make your business a big hit from making one right decision about the marketing company you choose for your online presence. Marketing online is the most essential business aspect to look for in the present day. So When are you making your business a great hit?

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