5 Surprising Things That May Increase Your Home's Value

    5 Surprising Things That May Increase Your Home's Value

    The value of a house depends on various factors. It is not just about the color of exterior paint or your front. All these factors do play an important role in the value of your house but there are things beyond this. Oh don’t worry this is not about some mystical phenomenon but some changes that are beyond your control.

    Let us imagine the situation. You have decided to buy a new house after saving a huge amount of money. Now what are the things that you will prefer to check before buying a house? There are a whole lot of things! Some work to add value to the house while others affect the price badly.

    Most of the Americans focus on the distance from their workplace and the comfort of the building. A lot of people change their houses just to get a closer spot to the office. The incentives can be different and here lies the secret of things that can increase your home's value.

    You already know that a well-kept house sells faster and at better prices. What other things can affect value? Here are 5 surprising things you may not know.

    1. Nearby Education Facilities

    It may not be in your control but it does affect the value of your house. A house built near reliable schooling systems sells at higher prices. For the people who have children or intend to have them, look for a reliable education system near their houses.

    A lot of people move from one area to another to get close to better schools. Parents prefer their children to be near them so that picking and drop get easier. The less time they spend on the roads, the better it is.

    2.Proximity To Starbucks

    Are you a coffee lover? Even if the answer is no, you can't deny the popularity of this beverage. A lot of people begin their day with a cup of coffee. But how does a cup of coffee fits into the context of house value? Well, it does, it becomes important when we are talking about a highly popular retailer "Starbucks".

    Let us surprise you a bit further, houses within 0.25 miles of Starbucks had a 95% increase in their value. So even if you don’t like coffee, keep your hopes up to see a new Starbucks store near your house.

    3. Near-By Super Market

    Great retailer chains such as Wal-Mart, Costco, and Whole Foods also affect the value of nearby houses. If you are living within a walking distance from a supermarket, you are sitting on gold. Well, not literally gold but your house is worth a lot of money.

     A lot of people moving to new areas search for nearby shopping facilities before they buy a house. Well it appears no one of us wants to drag our groceries for miles.

    4. Smart Home Technology

    According to the statistics, 65%  of house buyers are ready to pay more for a house with smart home technology. If you have decided to sell your house and looking for some great ROI improvement projects, install smart home technology. It will make your house different from the average houses.

    Smart technology makes your life easy at so many different levels that living in such a house is a dream-come-true for many buyers. Smart home security and climate control are the two most sought after features. Buyers are also excited about smart lighting.

    5. Additional Living Unit

    If there is an additional living unit in your house, it cranks up the value like nothing else. The most attractive feature is that it can be used for the second stream of income for buyers. It can be rented at good prices.

    While others prefer it because it allows better privacy when friends or visitors come to your house. The next time you go out and search for a house, pay attention to all these features.

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