Experts Home Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home Amazing in 2020

    Experts Home Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home Amazing in 2020

    If there is one thing that a lot of homeowners would expectedly go for after the quarantine ends then that has to be home renovation. People have spent enough time inside there homes and there are certainly a few parts of the house that even you would wish to change about yours. But amongst all the enthusiasm, one still needs the right guidance - by that we mean home renovation ideas to turn your place into the one of your desires.

    This is where we promise to bring all the difference for you by listing down 5 home renovation trends that will surely dominate in the year  2020 for all kinds of homes.

    1- Big Kitchens

    After bedrooms, if there is one place that remains to be the most useful in the entire house then that has to be kitchens. In fact as modern houses are becoming small, architectures still prefer to keep the kitchens big.

    Kitchens are often regarded as the heart of the house because this is where everyone comes, connects, and cook so the bigger it is the better. In the year 2020, along with an isolated dining area, bench space, and extensive storage spaces are also going to be the things to make the kitchen look more grand.

    2- Spacious Laundry Rooms

    If you have any plans for renovating your house in this or the upcoming years, don’t forget to enhance the laundry rooms as well. Gone are those days when machines used to be kept in drawers or there was a small hallway dedicated to washing. Now it is extremely important that you consider space and functionality when going for a laundry room.

    If you still need the right reason to convince yourself for such a change then your laundry room is actually the place where you have to keep your washing machine, dryer, detergents, and hang any piece of cloth that is hand washed. Besides that you also need to be sure about the plumbing system for the laundry room to remain in great shape at all times and provide you the much important ease while washing clothes.

    3- Flexible Spaces

    Just like in human relationships, houses too now have to be flexible so that certain areas of the house can be transformed into different spaces when needed. Few of the examples for such a space can be a traditional sitting room or second living area. You can also try out installing foldable doors that can together adapt a small space, like a study, into an entertaining area for when guests have to come over. There can also be an option of beds that fold down from the wall to convert your stylish but under-used sitting room into a fully functional guest bedroom.

    Flexible spaces depend more on your imagination so the more thought you put into it, the more amazing they would turn out to be.

    4- Working Spaces

    The work from home culture is about to dominate in the near future and most of you would be able to enjoy the liberty of staying at home and finishing your office work post-COVID-19. Hence, under such circumstances, going for a dedicated co-working space at your home is non-negotiable.

    There should be enough storage spaces and power points where you can easily connect your electronic devices. The best part about co-working space is that you can find hundreds of design options online and that too according to the space you have at your home and then you can also go for the kind of vibe you would like at your workspace without investing a lot.

    5- Tracking Electricity

    In this day and age, as people are focusing more on sustainability, therefore you also need to keep a strict eye on your consumption habits more than ever now.  The best way to do so is to install an electricity tracking device - which you are about to get the home renovation done. By doing so you would be able to determine, along with the energy monitors, the amount of power that you use daily monthly or weekly so that you can make changes as per your budget or needs.

    We hope this guide really helps to transform your home into something oh-so-amazing.

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