17 Expert Tips & Real Estate Marketing Trends To Attract Clients

    Real Estate Marketing Trends

    When it comes to real estate, clients are considered to be the lifeblood for it. There is no doubt that it is the most vital to generate an ample amount of leads, sales, and also build a circle of influence in order to make sure that you are getting success. 

    In this article, we’ve compiled for you the best real estate marketing trends. Don’t worry, these marketing trends and tactics have been gathered by the leading experts of this domain, so, you can have peace of mind; following these tips will help you land a lot of clients.

    17 Expert Tips On How To Get Clients

    Being a real estate agent implies that you work hard to sell more than just houses and other properties, you basically sell dreams. To be honest, this is considered to be a great sentiment in getting clients because in reality, generating more leads for real estate business is not easy at all. 

    #1 Create Strong Web Content 

    We all know that the internet is quite powerful and fast nowadays. And if you are a real estate agent, you need to take as much advantage as possible. Create a website and as a real estate agent and write strong web content. Just make sure that you research the keywords well before you get on with the content. 

    #2 Build A Strong Online Presence

    With technology on the rise, social media and online presence have become the future of generating leads for the real estate industry. That's right, the days of cold calling have now expired. And now the clients want to do their own research in order to find you. So, you are recommended to build a strong online presence.  

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    #3 Use Webinars To Get Leads

    Did you know that webinars can help you leverage your real estate business? That's true, a webinar will be sufficient for you to make appointments with the sellers or the buyers. You can think of the webinars to be real estate marketing trends for generating leads.

    #4 Try IDX Feed For Your Website 

    One of the best ways to get clients for your real estate business is by creating an official business website and then integrating it with IDX feed. It has always been a great way to get connected with loyal customers. Not only this, but you'll be able to feature your listings too.

    #5 Include High-Quality Photos 

    If you are looking for ways to increase your sales as a real estate agent, you need to take attractive and high-quality property photos. You can either take the pictures yourself or even hire a professional photographer. Along with that, you also need to hire a real estate photo editing services. 

    #6 Always Work Open Houses 

    This is perhaps the greatest tip of all the real estate marketing trends that you'll read here. Always make a habit of working for open houses. This is because the neighbor is always looking to see how the real estate in their local community compares to their house. 

    #7 Become A Volunteer In The Community 

    There isn’t a better way to generate more leads for your real estate business than volunteering in your local community. To be honest, this is considered to be a win-win situation for the business owner and the client. You’ll get to meet new people who’ll to know you and also trust you. 

    #8 Tell Your Family And Friends That You’re A Real Estate Agent

    If you are a professional real estate agent, you need to tell your family members and friends about it. Your family members and close friends will recommend you to their friends and neighbors. Just make sure that you spread the word out properly. 

    #9 Get Involved In Charitable Causes 

    Real estate is a never-ending business, but still, it manages to face a lot of disruptions in the industry of marketing and also in the distributing channels. At such a moment, the experts suggest that a real estate should get involved in a charitable cause. For example, you can provide a portion as a donation to the charity each time you close a deal. This will help you as people are very passionate about charity. By doing this, you will gain more customers.

    #10 Stay In Contact With Former Clients 

    We know that getting new clients is a good thing for the business, but you also need to leverage the connection of past customers too. If you’ve provided your previous customers with good services, you can expect them to refer you to their close friends and family members too. Automate emails, provide them coupons, or offer an incentive program to grab their attention. This is one of the best real estate marketing trends that a lot of people are following. 

    #11 Post Updates On Social Media 

    If you are serious about your business, you also need to opt for social media platforms. A social media site is not only used for personal reasons, but you can also use them for promoting your business. You need to show the people that you’re active and constantly updating new posts that might be of use.

    #12 Engage In Online Public Relations 

    Until or unless the prospective clients see a useful content on your website or social media profile, you can expect them to lose interest in you. This is why engaging in public relations (PR) is considered to be of great importance. 

    #13 Promote Consistent Niche Branding 

    A lot of real estate agents usually opt for short term leads and sales-generating tactics. But, if you can be long-term results, you need to start focusing on creating a brand for yourself. There is a term called niche branding or many people call it niche farming. Opting for such a real estate marketing trend will yield you leads and sales. 

    #14 Put Yourself Out 

    There is no doubt about the fact that the more people you tend to meet, there is a higher chance that you’ll be getting more customers. But, everyone you meet needs to know that you are a real estate agent and this is why you need to carry your business card at all times.

    #15 Put A Sign In The Yard  

    If you live in a neighborhood that allows putting yards signs, you can always put them in the yard of the customer. Well, the sign ought to be attractive that compels the pass buyers to stop and think of contacting you. 

    #16 Build Your Brands Around The Clients 

    You always need to understand what the customer needs. If you are dealing with a first-time customer, you need to layout a basic plan so that the communication between you and the customers becomes easy. 

    #17 Give Workshops 

    As we've mentioned above that you need to give webinars in order to generate more leads. But that's not the only thing that will gain and retain the attention of prospects. That's right, along with webinars, you can hold seminars or workshops of sellers, buyers, and the renters. 

    Final Words

    When it comes to every business, the customers are considered to be the lifeblood. So, if you never want to run out of customers, you need to consider the above-mentioned real estate marketing trends. It doesn't matter whether you’re struggling for customers or your listings are selling fast, these tips will help you a lot. 

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