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QRG Glass Services Alexandria VA

QRG Glass Services Alexandria VA

Windows need to be repaired or replaced due to crack, chip or break. Whatever the nature of your problem, it should be addressed professionally. QRGTech has been focusing on providing state of the art services for window glass repair and window replacement. We offer one stop solutions for all kinds of door glass and window glass. In order to ensure top notch services at the doorsteps, we follow latest industrial standards. Our aim is to provide 100% satisfaction to the customers while offering our services. Nothing is too big or too small for our experts who handle all kinds of projects with great affect. They always use latest tools to ensure smooth ending of project. You can rely on their skills and knowledge to resolve your all kinds of issues in style. We are proud to offer wide array of services to match the needs of clients perfectly.

Main Services

  • Screen Repair
  • Window Repair
  • Door Repair
  • Glass Repair
  • Glass Replacement
  • Glass Shelves 
  • window glass repair
  • Alexandria, VA Glass Repair
  • Glass Shelves

Emergency Services

Majority of the customers have to face difficult times in their lives. Glass breakage is indeed a very sensitive issue. One needs to hire professional assistance to keep home security intact. Any kind of delay in storefront glass repair, fogged glass repair, fogged glass replacement, shower door repair and window repair can not only extend your problem but also open a door for thieves. We offer emergency board up service to restore your home security. One of our technicians will be with you as early as possible to get you out of trouble.

Glass Repair & Replacement

Glass industry has progressed by leaps and bounds. We can easily find several types, designs and patterns of glass in our surroundings. Similar to other businesses, there is a huge competition in this industry as well. People use several tactics to outsmart their competitors. We are also glad to have the services of experts to match the latest trends of glass industry. They are specialized in installing, repairing and replacing all kinds of glass that include but not limited to insulated glass, table glass, tampered glass, storm window glass, double pane glass and skylight glass. We carry great variety of glass, window hardware, and window balances manufactured by industry leaders. Here are some advantages of different kinds of glass:

  • Frameless glass door is well known for its elegance and easy flow. It also offers great amount resistance in inclement weather.
  • Patio door glass can easily be customized in accordance with your preference of style and budget. We can get hundreds of shades and patterns for patio door glass installation and patio door glass replacement. It also allows more penetration of air and natural light in our interiors.
  • Furniture can be easily exposed to sunlight and scratches. So it is evident to protect it with effective furniture glass. We suggest selecting a glass top that is easy to clean and customizable.
  • Shower glass door and bath tub glass door open up the door for a natural light coming from shower window to bathroom.
  • Insulated glass replacement is a best option for saving money on heating and cooling of our interiors.
  • As most of garage door glass is made up with metal frame, they are more powerful than full glass door.
  • As its name clearly indicates, Bullet proof glass offers enhances security measures to dignitaries.
  • Latest storefront glass can easily attract potential customers from a long distance. Storefront glad doors are the great option to enhance the security of your business.
  • Creative lighting effects and durability are the hallmarks of our glass shelves.


Mirror also offers outstanding options to add curbing look to our houses. Depending upon your personal requirements, there are several benefits of mirrors:

  • We can easily hide imperfections in our walls by installing large wall mirrors. By combining wall mirrors with light walls, small rooms can look bigger.
  • Vanity mirrors are the great source of getting better lighting.

So do not delay it further, Call us today to convert your dream into reality.


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