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Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of your life. When you are buying ahome inspection is a must-do. It is always better to know that the roof over your head is safe. You do not want to take a wrong decision that you may end up regretting for the rest of your life. There are many home inspection companies in Spring Hill TN but Tennessee is a class apart from all of them. Our pre purchase inspections have helped us make an amazing reputation for us and we try to maintain that every day.

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Tennessee home inspectors help you make an informed decision with their pre purchase house inspection. We are the best home inspector that you can choose in Spring Hill TN and we offer the most comprehensive home inspection. Our inspection standards are top-notch and fool proof so that when you see the final report you know that you can trust it.

A house inspection before you actually buy new propertyis necessary so that your heavy investment is worth it. Home inspections give you a detailed insight on the conditions of your foundation, plumbing, ceilings, and other home components.

Do not just trust anyone with your property inspection. You would not want to pay some random company that simply follows a checklist to come and take a meager look at your house. Hiring a trustworthy and experienced relocation home inspector is necessary to get the whole picture. We, at Tennessee, send detailed reports to our customers via email with pictorial evidence.

Additional services we offer:

Our home inspections are detailed and all-inclusive. We do not just offer an inadequate building inspection but also offer special services related to it. In addition to a general house inspection, we offer the followingin-depth analysis:

  • A foundation inspection to make sure that there are no gaps or weaknesses that need to aquick cover up. A weakness in the foundation can have drastic effects on the building or house in the longer run. An inexperienced home inspector would not know how to perform an efficient foundation inspection.
  • Radon is a toxic gas and its presence in water or air in or around your house can be dangerous. We have professional radon testing equipment that enables us to calculate the level of radon in the environment after every few hours. We are licensed home inspectors who can also help you out in mitigating radon.
  • We also offer drywall inspection. Our experts take all necessary precautions pre drywall inspection and then come up with an all-inclusive report.

Phase Inspection:

Tennessee Home Inspections is a name you can trust and we offer phase inspection so that you do not have to close down the whole property all at once. We will do the inspection in phases and give the results at the end with anemphasis on what needs achange or fix.

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