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Team, The Dry Warriors has an awful a lot of knowledge about the categories and classes of commercial water damage.  We, as always, resort to state- of -the -art technology.

The dry warriors are employing cutting-edge technology and equipment so as to the extraction and its restoration.  We have steely determination on the application of sophisticated vortex drying system in order to find out water damage for the verification of drying results. We always come up with the professional approach to tackle the problems like commercial flood damage, water extraction and water removal in Stone Mountain GA.

We are hell-bent on streamlining the efficiency of air sealing and insulation having controlled moisture at your home. As for the checking of moisture, we use infrared technology to differentiate good and bad moisture. The basic aim of using this method is to check the invisibility of out-of- sight moisture that which cannot be seen to the naked eye. We undertake a walk-through inspection of your home to locate the exact problem that home owners are experiencing through.

If any home owner is greatly exercised about having this problem and he gives a ring to any unskilled person .He is more likely not to pinpoint the basic reason of leaks and take extra charges than the real problem is.

Referral Program: Receive fee up to 1000$ depending upon the nature of job.

24 Hour Emergency restoration Services

  • Water damage infrared scanning
  • Water damage thermal imaging
  • Water mitigation
  • Water restoration
  • Storm damage restoration

Things to remember

Electrical: First of all you have a try to sever connections to affected areas. Never try to switch on your television or other electrical device, especially when standing on wet place. Just shun the idea of having applied vacuum cleaner to get rid of water.

Water source: If there is any possibility of stopping the source of water then discontinue the main water source from where water comes out or if you have a little doubt in your mind about having to stop then call or go to the nearby skilled plumber in person as brisk as possible.

Air conditioner: Try to start your air conditioner in the order of 72 degrees for the rapidity of drying process in the summer or in the damp regions.

Furniture: Justshift the wood stuff having light weight off the carpet or somewhere else. If you want to save your furniture then wrap its base from the plastic sheet. Eliminate left over water from the furniture

Floor: Do not let water stand on the floor and remove it by the use of mop, squeegee. You have got to save yourself by being extremely cautious or having adopted tangible measures according to the situation.  The more the water accumulation, the more the slippery place will be. The water may lead to the lethal accidents to human life.

Ceilings: Knock small holes in flaccid to alleviate trapped water.  You must bear in mind that there should be a plastic bucket as opposed to metal related substance. If ceiling is wet then switch on fan for better dryness results.

Carpeting: Dry wet marks on a carpet using a clean white towel. If you have placed rug on a wall-to-wall carpet then remove it in no time.  Give a smooth air flow through fan to speed up the dryness.

Art Objects/Paintings/China/Crystal: Take away expensive things including pictures and others at safer place which is dry.

Luggage:  You ought to unlock your wet suit cases and other baggage in order that you may expose them to direct sun light to dry.

Clothing/Fabrics: Do not let drapes to come in contact with the dripping wet place or floor. If possible, budge items relating to cloth to a waterless place.

Books/Magazine: When carpets and floor are sodden, never leave your literary books and magazines on it to avert the moist. If your valued books are wet then give them to any professional for keeping it dry.

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  • Commercial Water Damage Stone Mountain GA
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  • Water Extraction Stone Mountain GA
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  • Flood Damage Stone Mountain GA
  • Flood Damage Repair Stone Mountain GA
  • Flood Damage Restoration Stone Mountain GA
  • Water Mitigation Stone Mountain GA
  • Water Damage Repair Stone Mountain GA
  • Emergency Restoration Services Stone Mountain GA
  • Water Restoration Stone Mountain GA
  • Water Damage Stone Mountain GA
  • Water Damage Restoration Stone Mountain GA
  • Flooded Basement Stone Mountain GA
  • Insured Water Damage Stone Mountain GA
  • Large Water Damage Stone Mountain GA
  • Small Water Damage Stone Mountain GA
  • Commercial Water Restoration Stone Mountain GA
  • Water Damage Specialist Stone Mountain GA
  • Toilet Overflow Stone Mountain GA
  • Toilet Backup Stone Mountain GA
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