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Salma's House Cleaning is proudly serving the Tustin, CA and surrounding places with top notch office and general home cleaning services. We offer round-the-clock residential and office cleaning services to our valued clients with quality assurance. From ceiling fan cleaning to floor wiping, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, stove cleaning, inside window cleaning, refrigeration cleaning, and medical office cleaning, etc. we can help you with our top-of-the-line commercial and house cleaning services, anytime you need it. Doesn’t matter if you need the best source for interior cleaning or you are looking for move in cleaning or appliance cleaning services, etc. we are the one place to get all such services under a single umbrella. People looking for commercial or residential cleaning services in Tustin, CA can trust our services because we have a proven track record that you can witness by going through our vast portfolio. Hence, doesn’t matter if you need the specialized floor mopping services or you are looking for the services like dust cleaning, move out cleaning, or apartment cleaning services, etc. we need to be your first option in that regard.

To hire our office and home cleaning services, such as floor cleaning, vacuum carpet and other cleaning services you can dial 949-566-4441, anytime.

Our Services

Residential Cleaning Irvine CA

Refrigeration Cleaning Irvine CA

Office Cleaning Irvine CA

Appliance Cleaning Irvine CA

House Cleaning Irvine CA

Vacuum Carpet Irvine CA

Home Cleaning Irvine CA

Dust Cleaning Irvine CA

Apartment Cleaning Irvine CA

Floor Wiping Irvine CA

Move In Cleaning Irvine CA

Floor Mopping Irvine CA

Move Out Cleaning Irvine CA

Floor Cleaning Irvine CA

Inside Window Cleaning Irvine CA

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Irvine CA

Bathroom Cleaning Irvine CA

Medical Office Cleaning Irvine CA

Kitchen Cleaning Irvine CA

Interior Cleaning Irvine CA

Stove Cleaning Irvine CA

General Home Cleaning Irvine CA

For details, Please feel free to call us at 949-566-4441

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