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Water Testing Services Boone NC

There are different contaminants that affect the quality of water. Molds, algae, and rust make water dirty and undrinkable. AquaTech Service & Consulting is helping the residents of Boone NC to drink healthy water. Our water testing services will help in detecting the type of water pollution then we install water filtration system accordingly.

Water Testing Services

Commercial And Residential Water Testing Boone NC

Whether you need commercial or residential water testing AquaTech Service & Consulting is the one that can help you out in Boone NC. We conduct thorough testing of the water sample. When the contaminants are found we move on to curb the problems so you can drink clean water.

Commercial And Residential Water Testing

Affordable Water Testing Boone NC

If are searching for an “affordable water testing company near me” then we can help you out. Our team will visit your place and take a sample of water. Then we test PH, hardness, and metals in the water. If this sample does not come up to the scape of pure water we help in finding the apt solution to this problem.

Affordable Water Testing

Offering You Dependable Water Testing Services In Boone NC

About AquaTech Service & Consulting

We run a locally owned and operated company in Boone NC. Our rates are highly affordable and customer-centric. We test the water and install filters to treat the impurities. Hire us and drink pure water!

Affordable Water Testing

Water is our basic need and we help in fulfilling this need by offering pocket-friendly water testing and filter installation services. For affordable rates and quality water testing come to us.

Our Services

When it comes to water purification there is a list of services that AquaTech Service & Consulting can provide you with:

  • Acid Neutralizers
  • Water Softener Systems
  • Iron Filter
  • Sediment
  • UV Sanitizers
  • Sulfur
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems 

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