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Roof Cleaning

When there are black streaks, black stains, algae, moss or lichen on your roof, it not only makes your house look ugly, but it also shortens the life of the roof. Stain Medix Roof Cleaning is the best roof cleaning company in Silver Spring MD. We use state of the art equipment for roof cleaning services so that we can safely remove the algae, moss, and lichen from your roof. Call us now for a free roof washing quote.

Roof Cleaning

Best House Wash Service

Pressure washing is a popular method for cleaning green algae and mildew off vinyl siding. But did you know there is a much safer and efficient method? House soft washing uses low pressure and a chemical to safely and quickly remove green algae stains from vinyl siding, Hardy board, Dryvit, sanded brick, gutters, trim, composite decking, and railings, etc. Our house washing service will make your whole house sparkle.

Best House Wash Service

House Moss Removal

At Stain Medix Roof Cleaning, our roof moss removal service is second to none. Our shingle moss removal process is safe for your roof and uses no harmful power washing equipment. First, we will remove as much moss as possible by hand. Then, we will apply a chemical solution to kill any remaining moss or lichen. The remaining moss or lichen will eventually break away from the shingle surface and get washed away with the rain.

House Moss Removal

We Offer Best House Washing Services In Silver Spring MD

About Us

At Stain Medix Roof Cleaning we provide our customers with top-quality house washing services. We are a family-owned house soft washing company operating in Silver Spring MD. We have been offering house washing services for 15 years and we stand at the top when people look for ‘house washing services near me’. We are extremely concerned about the environment and that is why our professionals provide eco-friendly house washing services to safely remove algae from your home.

Best Tools Used

We have specialized professionals who are equipped with the best tools and equipment for providing the best house soft washing services. Our professionals are trained and have the knowledge to safely remove all algae stains and black streaks from your roof with the best roof cleaning services. We stand at the top when you search for ‘house roof cleaners near me’. So call us now and we will be readily available to cater to your needs.

Services We Offer

We are the best house power washing company operating in Silver Spring MD. You can hire us for the following services:

  • House washing services
  • Pressure wash
  • Soft washing house
  • Moss removal
  • House roof cleaning

We Are Budget Friendly

Hiring professional house power washing services can be very expensive. The process can be tedious and tiring. But because we use a chemical soft wash, our rates are much more affordable than a power washing company. You can call us at any time to get a free estimate for exterior house wash or roof cleaning services. Call us now, and we will handle all of your exterior house cleaning needs.

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