Metallic Epoxy Installation

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t know what a metallic Epoxy is how metallic epoxy floor installation is going to work for you! Allow us to tell you why metallic epoxy is the best flooring you can have in Clearwater FL. Affordable Floor Sevices is ranked as the best metallic epoxy company in town that has been offering its customers with unmatched durability when you hire us!

Metallic Epoxy Installation

Epoxy Flooring Service

We are renowned as one of the top leading epoxy flooring services providing companies in Clearwater FL that offer affordable, professional and high-quality epoxy floor installation services. To get more information, reach out to us by typing “The best epoxy installation service near me" and rest assured, you'll find us topping the search engine result. Whether it be a garage, your kitchen, or living room, you'll get an eye-catching and elegant finishing.

Epoxy Flooring Service

Epoxy Flooring Cost

When you hire us for epoxy flooring services, you can have peace of mind, you’ll be getting nothing but high-quality epoxy flooring services at the best possible price. Awesome! Isn’t it? We have kept our epoxy flooring cost at the most inexpensive rates because we want more and more people to benefit from our services. Call us now and get your epoxy installation estimate today!

Epoxy Flooring Cost

We Provide Our Customers With Unparalleled Metallic Epoxy Installation Services In Clearwater FL!

About Us

Epoxy Expert is a locally owned and operated epoxy flooring company that prides in offering the people of Clearwater FL with top of the line quality metallic epoxy installation services for the past many years now! Our epoxy floors not only offer you unparalleled designs but are the most affordable and long-lasting. Due to our years of hands-on experience, our state-of-the-art installation method can not be compared to the competition. We are fully licensed and insured. We will always be held liable for the provision of our services if anything goes wrong. 

Our Professional Workers

We have a team of skilled and highly knowledgeable metallic epoxy floor installers who strive hard to provide their customers with a remarkable epoxy floor installation experience that they won't hesitate to share with their social circle. Our experts are not only fully licensed but also have workers' compensation, which implies that our services are backed with a warranty. We assure you of our epoxy flooring contractors; no metallic epoxy floor installation job is considered to be too small or a waste of time.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Since day one, we have been serving our customers in Clearwater FL with top of the line quality metallic epoxy installation services that are second to none. We have used the latest tools and techniques to ensure that each project is completed with the highest level of professionalism and diligence. Our experts have always kept the needs and requirements of our customers on the top of our priority list, which is one of the many reasons why we have the highest referral rates among other companies.

Free Estimates

Not only do we provide our customers in Clearwater FL with top of the line metallic epoxy floor installation services but we also serve them with free estimates when they book an appointment with us. Unlike most companies, our estimates are free and accurate.

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