Earthquake Straps For Furniture

Natural calamities can occur at any time. That is why Best Earthquake Safety Services is here to provide you with earthquake straps for your home. We are the leading contractors for earthquake straps in Berkeley CA, and make sure that your furniture stays intact even during a severe earthquake. We provide earthquake straps for furniture, water heater, bookshelves, and other furniture. So, why to compromise on your safety?

Earthquake Straps For Furniture

Seismic Strap For Beam Clamp

We’re the leading contractors for seismic straps and seismic fasteners in Berkeley CA. We provide seismic straps made of the finest quality, industrially graded metal. We make sure that the beam clamp of your building remains secure with our seismic straps. Our technicians will illuminate the proceedings as well as ensure that the straps are fitted perfectly. We give you a solid foundation that you can rest easy on.

Seismic Strap For Beam Clamp

Safety Straps

Best Earthquake Safety Services is reputed for its safety straps that we offer for our seismic retrofitting services. Our safety straps are solid in their material and comprise of multiple lengths accompanied by universal fasteners. You can rely on the safety strips that we provide at affordable rates. We provide safety straps for vest, dressers, furniture, etc. Secure your homes with our safety straps for roofing and get professional installation too.

Safety Straps

The Best Company To Hire For Earthquake Straps In Berkeley CA

Our Profile

Best Earthquake Safety Services is a locally owned and operated company that has been offering seismic retrofitting services since 2012. Our professionals are highly experienced with over decades of experience in the construction industry, which makes them competent regarding the earthquake safety solutions we offer. Whether you need earthquake straps for furniture or need seismic fasteners, we’ll provide the best products as well as give efficient installation too.

How We Work

Our procedures and services are reliable because we proceed with an immaculate and upfront workability. Upon hiring, our team will inspect every portion of your home so that we could assimilate what needs to be strapped. Afterward, Best Earthquake Safety Services will give you a quick quote for installing earthquake straps for furniture, TV, cabinets, etc. On approval, we’ll create a plan and strategize for the installation phase.

Our Solutions

We believe that safety should be for everyone. That is why Best Earthquake Safety Services provides diverse solutions, including:

  • Earthquake fasteners
  • Earthquake straps for furniture, TV, water heater, bookshelves, bookcases, etc.
  • Earthquake proof house designs and construction
  • Safety straps for roofing
  • Seismic straps and fasteners

We Guarantee Your Safety

We make sure that you, your family, and your goods remain safe in case of any seismic activity. That is why Best Earthquake Safety Services provides effective and reliable solutions. When you hire us for installing earthquake straps for furniture or need safety straps for beam clamp to be installed, we give our best without compromise. Our company even provides earthquake safety tips and kits that can come handy in such situation.

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