Home Buying Services

If you’re looking for realtor services in Monroe County FL that can help with home buying, then Professional Real Estate Services is your safest bet. We provide property agents services and give insights on the available homes for sale in the area. We keep check on the rental houses and buildings and give our customers reliable assistance in home buying services. Let us find the best home for you!

Home Buying Services

Property Buying And Selling

We operate as a property buying and selling the company in Monroe County FL. Our realtors have information regarding homes for sale and rental properties in the area. We come to the top of the domain for home buying and selling services. You can count on for property buying and selling services in the area without second thoughts. So give us a call to hire our realtors today!

Property Buying And Selling

Leasing Services

Professional Real Estate Services provides the best assistance in leasing services. We are experts in lease property services, and give our customers competent aid via property tax management services too! Our team is professional and has years of experience in leasing services. Apart from that, we can also help you in leasing your property and rent collection.

Leasing Services

The Best Home Buying And Selling Company To Count On In Monroe County FL

Our Profile

Professional Real Estate Services is a locally owned and operated company that has been offering top of the line property management and realtor services in Monroe County FL for many years now. We’ve acclimated with the changing environment of the market in the way that our services have become completely customer centric.

Looking for a dependable and affordable property management company? We know the tools of the trade to keep your investment profitable.

Trust us to handle:

-The day to day needs of your rental homes
-Enforce the terms of your lease
-Treat your residents with kindness and respect
-Make sure your property maintenance is handled quickly and affordably
-Lease your property
-Tenant screening and placement
-And best of all, peace of mind.
We are here for you: Professional Real Estate Services 786-393-1523

Our Diverse Solutions

Professional Real Estate Services offers a variety of services, including:

  • Property management and maintenance services
  • Property tax management
  • Rent collection and tenant screening
  • Home buying and selling services
  • Property investment services
  • Landlord checklist walkthrough services
  • Property investment services

Trustworthy Solutions

We top the list for home buying services providers in Monroe County FL. Professional Real Estate Services keeps the facilitation of our clients as its prime focus. We also provide assistance for property investment and maintenance services that you can count on with discretion. We are affordable in our pricing, and give our clients the best service experience.

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