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Mobile Phone Repair Company

Mobile phones are the gadgets in which high-tech mechanisms work behind. There are so many issues that people face related to either software or the hardware of the mobile. So, our mobile repair company is operating in Fashion Place Mall to help people within the range of their affordability. We tackle all mobile issues from charging to core programming. Just come to our mobile phone repair shop.

Mobile Phone Repair Company

Phone Accessories Services

Whether you need mobile phone pouches or screen protectors all you need is to visit our phone accessories shop. We have a wide range of cheap phone accessories for you. One of the major reasons for buying phone accessories is to protect the expensive gadgets. Our phone accessories services ensure complete mobile security. Accessories also improve the performance of phones. Visit our shop in Fashion Place Mall.

Phone Accessories Services

Affordable Mobile Phone Repair

It is not easy to fix problems in such a handy gadget thereby, various mobile repair companies charge a lot of money for their services. However, Cellaxs Phone Repair is an affordable mobile phone repair company. We are dexterous and our repairing tools are advanced. We can offer estimates and quotes so that you can manage your budget beforehand. We try to provide services that may not burden the customers.

Affordable Mobile Phone Repair

Hire The Consummate Mobile Phone Repair Company In Southcenter Mall At Best Rates Ever

About Us

Cellaxs Phone Repair is a locally owned and operated company in the Fashion Place Mall that helps you when you face any issues regarding the performance of your mobile phones. Rates of our mobile phone repair company are never out of bound. We are trustable for we know the in and out of mobile phones. 

Affordable Mobile Phone Repair Company

Cellaxs Phone Repair has affordable rates. No matter how complex is the problem we bring out economical solutions to your issues. Accessories that we sell are cheaply priced and mobile repairing charges are amazingly affordable.

Our Services

When it comes to the mobile phone you can trust us for :

  • Mobile phone repair services
  • Phone accessories services

We treat all software and hardware problems of mobile phone and install protective covers to your branded phones to ensure their prolonged life.

Experienced Technicians And Durable Accessories

There has been a lot of change in mobile technology over time. A few years back there was no concept of smartphones. Even today it is a challenge to find reliable mobile phone repairers. That’s the reason we have entered in the market with a wide knowledge of mobile repair. Our mobile repair company has the finest phone repairers. Other than phone repairing Cellaxs Phone Repair provides durable accessories.

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