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Best Siding Replacement

Imagine that you could keep every corner of your home at the perfect temperature year-round. And yet save money. That’s the Prodigy ComfortFactor. Prodigy’s Charter Oak energy-efficient design delivers outstanding energy efficiency, thanks to the exceptional R-value (resistance to heat flow). This high-density insulation combined with a beautiful and robust cedar grain vinyl panel creates the ideal exterior for your home.

Best Siding Replacement

Door Replacement

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for patio doors, French door, siding patio doors or even garden doors, we have got you covered with a team of residential door installation contractors who offer years of experience and expert level skillset to do any kind of best door installation in Charlotte NC. Hence, if you want doors that should look good and showcase great strength, call us now.

Door Replacement

Siding Replacement Estimate

Are you looking for siding that withstands the test of time? If so, then it’s time to choose our best siding replacement services in Charlotte NC. We guarantee to keep every corner of your home protected from water, air leakage and exposure to moisture. LEI Home Enhancements in Charlotte NC is known for its great service at affordable rates. We use quality materials and provide superior customer service.

Siding Replacement Estimate

We Make Your Home Extra Safe With The Best Siding Replacement In Charlotte NC!

About Us

Our face-to-face approach ensures that you get the best experience with our knowledgeable and dedicated staff from day one. In the past decade, we have used our core values of honesty and integrity to grow quickly, becoming an innovator in the vinyl industry and recently being named as one of the Top 50 qualified remodelers in the nation.
At LEI Home Enhancements in Charlotte NC, we will go above and beyond your expectations. That’s why we only use superior quality products and exceptional craftsmanship to achieve long-lasting beauty, performance, and value for your home.
Our Professional Installers
Whether you choose LEI Home Enhancement in Charlotte NC for vinyl window, siding or door replacement services, our installer has the skills and expertise to get it done right in a respectful and clean manner. Besides, they are also licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Variety Of Services

In order to best satisfy the needs of our ever-increasing customers, LEI Home Enhancements offers a wholesome range of services in Charlotte NC. The list begins from best siding replacement to

  • Siding Installation
  • Professional Residential Window Replacement services
  • Quality Window Installation Services
  • Door Replacement

Affordable Rates

The thing that really makes LEI Home Enhancements’ best siding replacement service stand out is our affordable rates for the quality that we offer. We promise to give you the best value for your money in every service that you avail from us in Charlotte NC.

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