Lie Detection Services

With an extensive background in revealing every truth, Proof Positive Polygraph, and Lie Detection Services is here to provide you with nothing but crystal clear truth when you are unable to determine between the truth and the lie. Our lie-detecting staff is experienced and exceptionally skilled in following highest ethical values while providing you with detailed lie detection services in Arvada CO.

Lie Detection Services

Polygraph Service

If you are looking for a company to provide you with affordable polygraph tests, all you have to do is search for “polygraph exam near me” in Arvada CO, and hire us. We specialize in relationship polygraph tests, but you can also call us for the following:

  • Initial Truth Testing
  • Theft
  • Pre-employment
  • Maintenance Polygraph
  • Addiction Recovery

Polygraph Service

Lie Detector Machine

When you hire the lie detector services of Proof Positive Polygraph & Lie Detection Service, we make sure that you get high accuracy and proper satisfaction with the results of the lie detection tests. You can now reach out to us by simply searching for “lie detector near me” in Arvada CO. Our lie detector machines are of the highest quality similar to the ones used in federal or local police stations.

Lie Detector Machine

Fool-Proof Lie Detection Services In Arvada CO!

About Us

Proof Positive Polygraph & Lie Detection Service provide you with quick lie detection services with bare truth in the most reliable, confidential, and biased-free manner. We have been satisfying the minds of our clients for the last 6 years in Arvada CO. The accuracy rate of our lie detection services runs 92% to 96% that makes us more dependable. Whether you need our lie detection services for a relationship issue or a business theft, our lie detector machines will generate accurate results, and you will receive a written report right on time.

Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Our lie detection services are highly effective in satisfying the customer because of the accuracy rate we have. Our code of ethics includes patience, unbiased behavior, and respect towards the examinees, which is why we are able to bring out the truth easily and exclusively.

Our Credentials

All our lie detection machines are manufactured by the Lafayette Instrument Company that also serves military organizations. We are registered as expert polygraph examiners with Colorado ADC. Our certifications include APA (American Polygraph Association), and CAPE, (Colorado Association of Polygraph Examiners). Our specialization makes our lie detection services more recommendable.

Completive Rates

When it comes to the rates of our lie detection services, Proof Positive Polygraph & Lie Detection Service never cross the line of affordability. You will find our lie detector staff to be highly sophisticated and dignified in their services. So, wait no more, and come out of the uncertainties with our lie detection services.

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