Cheating Spouse/Partner Investigations

Do you believe your significant other might be cheating? Don’t ignore your sixth sense!  You know your spouse or partner better than anyone. We have the best infidelity investigators in the Louisville, KY area. They can get all the evidence you need to determine if your significant other is faithful or not!  Call us today!

Cheating Spouse/Partner Investigations

Missing Person Finder

Do you have a loved one who is missing?  You haven’t heard from them in days, weeks, months or even years? If the answer is yes let us help you! In missing person cases time is of the essence as vital clues may be lost or forgotten. Our investigators have got the experience needed to help trace your missing loved ones.  Call us for access to high quality, dedicated missing person's investigators in the Louisville, KY area.

Missing Person Finder

Workers Compensation Fraud

The investigators at CCI have years of experience working in WC insurance cases.  We provide professional quality video surveillance along with detailed reports on all claimant activity.  We ensure clients are kept abreast of all activity with daily updates as well as competitive rates.  The national PI firms subcontract out to smaller area firms such as ours.  Cutting out the middleman will help lower your spending budget.  Call or email us today!

Workers Compensation Fraud

Catch Your Spouse or Partner Red-handed with Our Infidelity Investigations in the Louisville, KY area!

About Us

Professional Investigation Services is a full-service infidelity investigation firm that offers exceptional expertise when it comes to catching a cheating spouse/partner in the Louisville, KY area. We utilize the latest technology along with experienced investigators and together these tools help make it easy for us to get to the truth and provide the evidence you need.

Our Private Investigators

At Professional Investigation Services, our investigators are all female.  We have excelled in a mostly male-dominated field and we strive to bring our best for every client and case we take on in our firm.  We are open-minded and available to take phone calls and answer any questions you may have regarding your specific situation.  Call or email us today!

Diverse Services

Professional Investigation Services truly understands that our potential clients can have needs involving a variety of different type of investigations, therefore, we also offer the following services in the Louisville, KY area and all throughout the state of Kentucky.

  • Civil Investigations
  • Cold Case Investigations
  • Employee Fraud Investigations
  • General Fraud Investigations
  • Identity Theft
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Missing Persons
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Wrongful Death Investigations

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