Family Surveillance

Looking for “family surveillance services near me” in Reston VA, then put a stop to your quest and hire us. We are famous for offering local family surveillance services that provide you with a detailed report how baby sitters are treating the apple of your eye and whether your housekeeper stole any of your valuable items while you were away from the house. To know more about our family surveillance services, give us a call.

Family Surveillance

Undercover Investigator

If you suspect any corporate espionage, stalking, litigation or employee theft in your office then hire our local undercover detective services in Reston VA. Our local undercover investigator is proficient at offering local background check services on your employee, competitor & business rivals. Whether you hunt for “Undercover Investigator or detective near me,” you’ll find us at the top of all search bars.

Undercover Investigator

Infidelity Investigator

If with heart crying in betrayal, puffy, swollen up eyes you are looking for “infidelity investigator near me” in Reston VA, then we can help clear your skepticism & suspicion! Our local infidelity investigator is experienced in collecting concrete information in less time and will collect such proofs that can be easily shown in court. Contact us to know more about our best infidelity investigator services.

Infidelity Investigator

Our Family surveillance Services In Reston VA Are Second To None!

About BPS Investigations LLC

If you are looking for a reliable investigation agency in Reston VA then BPS Investigations LLC is the brand to call! We are a veteran-owned and operated company that has been offering the best local family surveillance services in your area for years! We provide in-depth and accurate background check services that will gather all the necessary facts you need to get the answers that are important to you!

Our Local Under Cover Detectives

BPS Investigations LLC is proud to have some of the best local undercover investigators and detectives in Reston VA. They are not only licensed & insured to gather evidence through audio and video equipment but are also well versed with current laws. Whether you hire them for surveillance for fraud, infidelity or missing person investigations they won’t disappoint you.

Our Diverse Solutions

BPS Investigations LLC offers a number of investigative services in Reston VA, including:

  • Local background check services
  • Undercover detective
  • Family surveillance services
  • Local undercover investigator
  • Best Local infidelity investigator

Affordable Rates

We know how much stress, misery and distress you are already going through when you suspect your spouse cheating on you or your faithful employee selling confidential information to your rivals; that is why we offer inexpensive undercover detective services in Reston VA. Moreover, our family surveillance rates are very fair, knowing that you are already drained from dealing with your missing family member.

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