Termite Tenting

Professional Pest Control Services is your best option to get rid of termite nuisance for good! We are a reputed termite control and treatment company in Homestead FL that offers the best termite tenting services, dealing with the termite infestation in your home efficiently. You’ll find our termite tenting company at the top when you search for “termite tenting near me.” Our non-toxic solutions are health-friendly too.

Termite Tenting

Honey Bee Removal Services

Professional Pest Control Services offers a diverse range of services for pest controls needed by our customers. We are the “bee whisperers” that are known to offer outmatched residential and commercial honey bee removal services in Homestead FL. We make sure that the bees are removed safely, and their nest is eradicated to the fullest. Our bee hive removal will mitigate further infestation too! Call us to “bee free,” today!

Honey Bee Removal Services

Termite Fumigation

Our termite fumigation processes will reach every corner of your home to kill those pesky termites for good! We give solid protection to the structure of your home with our termite fumigation services. You’ll find our termite fumigation company at the top when you search for “termite fumigation services near me,” in Homestead FL. Moreover, you’ll find our rates to be nominal too!

Termite Fumigation

Making Your Homes Safe Again With Our Termite Tenting Services In Homestead FL

Our Company

Professional Pest Control Services has been in the business for more than 10 years now. We have excelled in our termite tenting services, making sure that our customers enjoy a safe and healthy lifestyle again. Our professionals are trained and certified in termite tenting, making sure that the fumes don’t leak out of the place.

How We Work

You need to call us right away when you spot those creepy crawlies lurking around in your home. Our team will arrive for an initial inspection, which we make in order to compile a detailed report for you so that you may find our termite tenting costs justifiable. Professional Pest Control Services is known to offer uncompromised solutions, and unlike other brands, we don’t rip off or cheat our customers by charging skyrocket prices or hidden fees.

Our Diverse Services

Professional Pest Control Services offers a number of solutions, including:

  • Termite control services
  • Termite treatment services
  • Termite tenting services
  • Termite fumigation
  • Residential and commercial honey bee removal services
  • Bee hive removal services

We Leave No Termites Behind

We know that if termite tenting isn’t done right, then these stubborn pests will come again to ruin your peace. That is why Professional Pest Control Services uses state of the art tools, equipment, and remains vigilant during the process so that all pests may be removed in a short time.


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