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Best Private Investigator

For a quality criminal case review, our best private investigators in Lexington KY are known to gather shreds of evidence that can reveal the truth right in the time that you want. They assure to go out of their way to interview people, collect accurate information, conduct surveillance, find missing persons, and come up with facts that will eventually decide the case as well.

Best Private Investigator

Private Detective

If you are looking for a team of top-notch private detectives who have solved cases for a wide range of clients and know how to collectively work best with law enforcement officials, then we are the ones that you need in your search for “best private detectives near me” in Lexington KY. Our detectives are super-efficient and they only go according to the plan that always keeps them one step ahead of their target.

Private Detective

Private Investigation Agency

With our commitment to excellence in all our years of service, we have emerged as a private investigation agency in Lexington KY that clients trust the most for their critical cases. Be it detectives or investigators, our professionals perform their duty with utmost honesty and dedication that eventually helps them finding the truth to get you out of trouble. Besides that, we also take your privacy very seriously!

Private Investigation Agency

Our Team Of Private Investigators Will Work Closely With You In Lexington KY To Discover The Truth!

About Us

The history of Investigative Consultants, Inc., goes back to 1996 when our Private Investigation Agency was founded. Our goal throughout the years has always been to provide quality service from a team of licensed investigators at a reasonable price. Over the years, Investigative Consultants, Inc., has been able to solve and or bring to a successful conclusion some of the most complicated cases. Today we stand as a brand name in the Private Investigation industry in Lexington KY and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Licensed, Trained & Insured Investigators

Every member of the investigation team at Investigative Consultants, Inc., in Lexington KY, is a state-licensed private investigator that you can count on. They are well equipped with the knowledge and equipment to solve your case. You can expect a professional, court-ready report when you’re investigation is completed. This will include date/time stamped video (when necessary), pictures with the metadata printed and a narrative of exactly what the investigator observed at the time/s of the observation.

Diverse Services

To best assist our potential clients in Lexington KY Investigative Consultants, Inc., offers a wide range of services to choose from. The list includes:

  • Commercial Investigations
  • Attorney Solutions
  • Private Investigations
  • Criminal Defense Investigations

Reasonable Rates

Investigative Consultants, Inc., strives to be the ultimate solution for all of our potential clients in Lexington KY. We use licensed private investigators and detectives with the experience you can count on. Our investigators utilize state of the art equipment to get the job done. This is all provided at reasonable rates for our clients.

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