House Cleaning Services

Do you wish to get your house crystal cleaned at all times in Alameda CA but don’t have the time or skills to do that? Then wait no more and choose our referrals for a professional local house cleaning services that include the most efficient cleaners and all the necessary advanced equipment to cover your domestic cleaning needs. We choose house cleaning contractors after an extensive quality check-up to make sure that no grime of dirt remains at your home!

House Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

Get ready to watch the lustrous shine back in your windows with the most professional cleaners in Alameda CA! We present to you the most detailed and efficient window cleaning service so that you can enjoy a clearer view outside. We are a referral agency that is always dedicated to bring more ease into the life of its potential customers and therefore with our contractors, every window of your living space will sparkle without you having to do much about it. 

Window Cleaning Services

Maid Service

Finding a responsible maid to manage your household can be a daunting task. However, you can skip the hurdle to simply choosing a high quality maid service that we offer with the help of our verified and experienced contractors in Alameda CA. All of our maids are rated highly by their satisfied customers and they perform their residential cleaning services with great dedication and honesty.

Maid Service

Make your House Crystal Clean With Our House Cleaning Services In Alameda CA!

About Us

Home Care is a locally owned and operated referral agency that has earned its name in providing the best service industry professionals for whenever you need home cleaning services in Alameda CA. We offer our recommendations after doing an extensive background check, interviews, verifiable references, and research just so that you only get to choose from an exclusive range of technically sound workers to get the job done right on your desired time.

Licensed & Insured Services

Home Care Referral Agency is committed to the creation of ongoing relationships between our service providers and our customers. You are able to experience the services of various providers prior to deciding to work exclusively with a service provider. Moreover, if you are ever in need of replacement or when unhappy with the service team in Alameda CA, our Agency will still always there to help you to find a replacement.

We Offer A Massive Varity For Your Home Care Needs!

With our commitment to best cater to the needs of people living in Alameda CA, Home Care Referral Agency makes  hiring easy for you if you are looking for

  • Move Out Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning House
  • Cleaning Lady
  • Apartment Cleaning Services
  • Maid Cleaning Service
  • Window Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning

Affordable Rates

If you have lately been on the hunt for an affordable house cleaning company to best suit your budget, then the Home Care Referral Agency has got you covered with plenty of great options in Alameda CA. We believe in offering cleaning business only to ensure that our customers are getting the level of service that they want and that is the reason why we have also kept our house cleaning prices to the bare minimum.

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