Utility Incentive Programs

Since day one, Professional Electrical Services has been assisting the people of Danbury CT with the provisioning of energy conservation measures. We have a team of experts who guide the owners to reduce the overall cost and help them get ROI on their investments. We'll help you conserve energy and save your capital.

Utility Incentive Programs

Incentive For Retrofits

Do you need incentives for retrofitting in Danbury CT? If yes, then you need to call us right away. It doesn’t matter whether you own a multifamily property or an apartment, you can easily lower your overall energy usage. With our retrofit incentives, you’ll without a doubt be saving a lot on the cost of upgrades.

Incentive For Retrofits

Utility Rebate Programs

When it comes to saving energy for your house, workspace, or multifamily property; we’ll help you save money and energy together. We’ve been offering our valued customers in Danbury CT with utility rebate programs for the past many years now! Give us a call and learn more about our programs.

Utility Rebate Programs

We’ll Help You With Utility Incentive & Rebate Programs In Danbury CT!

About Us

Professional Electrical Services is a full Utility Incentive And Rebate Program service provider in Danbury CT. We've always strived hard to make sure our customers have to pay less for their overall energy utilization. When it comes to investing in new equipment, you can always count on us; we'll help you cut down on your bills.

Variety Of Services

Along with our Utility Incentive and Rebate Program, we also provide our customers in Danbury CT with

  • Retrofit Incentives
  • Risk Management Service
  • Incentive For New Construction
  • Utility Bill Saving Service

We solely focus on energy-efficient measures and will always recommend the best options to optimize the energy consumptions and maximize your rebates.

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