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QRG Electric Pineville NC


QRG Electric Pineville NC

QRG Electric has brought a revolutionary change in residential & commercial electrical service industry by setting the new service standards up and beyond the imagination of people. We are operating in Pineville, NC and our 24-hour emergency service is helping people to get an immediate fix to their electrical issues such as switch installation, electrical code correction, home rewiring, ceiling fans installation/repair, new plugs installation and more.

Our mission is to provide utmost professionalism and to pay personal attention to every single client. We believe these are the things that help a business to gain and retain the top position in the industry. So, whether if someone hires us for landscape lighting, aluminum wiring repair, or for the service panel issues, then we help our clients with specialized services and special attention. For us, our clients are the ones who need special attention and honor.

To make every client feel as if they are most respected and honorable persons, we help them with special packages and promotions like the special discount for senior citizen that we offer. Our electrical service additions, repair, and installation services include installing/repairing breaker box, pool and spa electrical circuit, faulty switches, appliance receptacle, chandeliers and more that we offer round the clock with dedication and commitment.

For us, safety is one of the utmost concerns. We have trained our employees, according to the latest standards and we provide them incentive for the safe performances that encourage them to provide safe and effective work every time they are at the job. Our professional services can be hired in emergency situations as we operate round the clock without any break.


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Home Rewiring Pineville NC
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