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QRG Electric Mathews NC


QRG Electric Mathews NC

QRG Electric is not only focused on delivering the quality electrical inspection, repair, and installation services, but we are also focused on providing the maximum benefit to our clients with special offers and promotions. Like, we offer special discount for senior citizens on our products and services such as house wiring, breaker box, room lights, and any other electrical service additions, repair and installation concerns. At the same time, we believe on the overall competitive pricing that is to give relaxation to every single client who visits us for any residential or commercial electrical service he might be looking for.

We are without any doubt, the Mathews, NC’s top company that has already achieved its targets and objectives in a very short time period after its inception. Our highly experienced, talented, and certified team of electricians can manage the electrical issues such as flickering lights, electrical code correction, electrical surge protection, new switch installation, aluminum wiring repair, or any other electrical problematic areas.

We have equipped our electricians with the high end technology, tools and they have the latest equipment that makes their job safe and effective. From faulty switches to power surges and outdated wiring, you can trust us as we have the workmanship, products, and the customer support you need for such commercial or residential electrical service concerns.

We welcome our every single client and the ones who are looking for the trustworthy and reliable electrical services in the United States to come and visit us for the best experience. What makes us a better choice than others is our quality workmanship, quality parts, and round the clock customer support that we provide to every single client 24-hour a day, every day.


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