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QRG Eurotech Frisco TX

Located in the Frisco, TX and nationwide, QRGEURO TECH is a mission-driven automotive repair company that deal in all brands of vehicles. Whatever brand-engineered your vehicle is you will receive the greatest quality auto repair services from our expert mechanics. We offer specialized auto maintenance, repair and performance tuning services at reasonable rates. From brake system service to electrical diagnostics repair, we are the complete solution for all of your vehicle needs.

We deal in all brands and all models. Some of our specialized services include providing Volkswagen mechanic, Porsche mechanic, Lamborghini mechanic, Ferrari mechanic to the car owner who has his vehicle in some sort of trouble mechanically or programming wise. We know how irritating and annoying it can be to drive a car with several mechanical issues. We also know it is important to have a fully functional heating and AC system for your comfort. This is why we operate 24/7 for your full support.

Our mechanics are specialized in providing valve steam service, head gasket repair, alternator repair, oil pump leak service, Mercedes-Benz balance shaft service, transmission repair, or suspension conversions and service. Our mechanics are certified mechanics and they have a great reputation in the industry backed up with years of successful experience.

Whenever you feel that your vehicle is low on performance, then should be the first choice as we have the certified mechanics, affordable rates and we are located conveniently in the center of the city that makes us easily accessible for all the Frisco, TX locals.


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