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QRG Eurotech Coppell TX

QRG EURO TECH is serving Coppell, TX and surrounding areas for a number of successful years. We offer quality car repair services that always prove to be result-oriented. From the most common issues such as oil pump leak to the severe jobs like engine rebuild and repair, we will offer you the specialized services at low rates. In fact, we are what you need to experience a smooth and reliable vehicle performance every time you drive your car.

There are thousands of vehicles in Coppell, TX that are running smoothly in the fast lane after getting a performance tuning from our expert mechanics. Our Volkswagen mechanic, Lamborghini mechanic, Audi mechanic, Mercedes Benz mechanic, Ferrari mechanic, BMW mechanic or Bentley mechanic hold a great and proven history due to their dedicated automotive repair services that they provide. This has ultimately led us to become the number one auto repair shop in town and our huge client list is a proof of this.

We do not use low quality replacement parts as we know it will affect the performance of a car. Whether it is a head gasket repair or the valve steam service, our mechanics will only use original and high quality parts for the repair work. Alongside that, our mechanics pay personalized attention to every vehicle to ensure the perfect fix. Right from starter repair to Mercedes-Benz balance shaft service, a client will be given the special attention.

Our competitive pricing, comfortable customer lounge and friendly staff will make your auto repair experience perfect right from the moment you enter our shop till the repair work is done. So, whether you require heating and air conditioning repair, suspension conversions and service or any other programming service for your vehicle, we ought to be your first choice.


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