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QRG Eurotech Addison TX

QRGEURO TECH has been serving nationwide for years with their supreme quality auto repair services. From starter repair to engine rebuild and repair, we have earned a very high rating in the industry due to the matchless service quality repair works. We are the home for all brands and models. Our crew members include highly proficient and certified mechanics, body experts and electricians. This allows us to provide top notch services that range from electrical diagnostics repair to programming or suspension conversions and service to the clients.

Doesn’t matter if you have been around and looking for a BMW mechanic, Porsche mechanic, Ferrari mechanic, Audi mechanic, Mercedes Benz mechanic, or if you are looking for any other specialized mechanic. We have the industry’s highly qualified and specialized mechanics in our team who are experienced and can deal with any automotive repair such as valve steam service, oil pump leak repair or heating and air conditioning repair services.

It is not a concern, if you can’t visit our auto repair shop for any reason. For the convenience of our clients, we also offer 24/7 on-location car repair services such as brake system service or any other issue related to your car. You just need to give us a call and tell your location, our team will reach to you so quickly to offer you the best services.

Alongside repair and maintenance services, we also buy and sell cars. So, you can also trade your car at QRGEURO TECH that will give you a great opportunity to get the best deal. Our mission is to serve people with best automotive services and we are doing it for long.


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