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Express Dress Alteration

Do you have a new dress that does not fit your size? If yes then there’s nothing to worry about because we provide top quality same day alteration services in Carrollton TX. We provide affordable dress alterations to our customers which include different kinds of alteration which include prom dress alteration, uniform alteration, and general dress alteration. We make every dress fit your body perfectly.

Express Dress Alteration

Custom Designs

Want to look different from others on a special occasion? If yes then opt for our professional custom design services in which we design the kind of dresses that make you stand out! Every dress is a piece of art and is tailored to match your requirements. You no longer need to look for companies that provide custom made dresses near you.

Custom Designs

Bridal Alterations

Are you looking for a tailoring service near you? If yes, then you can stop looking because you’ve found us. We are known as the best tailor in the city, and the reason for this is the neatness in our work. We provide our customers with finely stitched and designed dresses which they can’t help but admire. You can visit our tailor shop near your house to get the perfect dress stitched.

Bridal Alterations

We Make Your Dress A Perfect Fit For Your Body In Carrollton TX!

About Us

We are a small family owned corporation which has been serving its customers for more than 30 years. We are known as the best tailors in the area so you can stop your search for a tailor shop near you and hire us right away. We have a history of providing expert general dress alteration services to our customers, and our record shows a maximum level of customer satisfaction of our customers.

Professional Tailors!

We have a team of tailors working for us, and most of them have been


The Quality Of Our Tailoring Services

We aim at making all your outfits look good on you, and we are able to achieve this by providing high-quality alteration services in Carrollton TX. Whether it is homecoming dress alteration service or uniform alteration service we provide it all at the most affordable rates and in a short time.

Get Free Estimates Right Away!

We provide our customers with accurate estimates for all kinds of dress alteration services. These estimates are very accurate and can be relied upon. We won’t charge you a single penny above the estimate given.

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