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QRG Cleaning Services Chesterfield VA


QRG Cleaning Services Chesterfield VA

QRG Cleaning Services is a one stop to avail quality general cleaning, commercial cleanings, church cleaning, office cleanings and janitorial cleaning services in Chesterfield, VA. We offer wide range of services to match residential and commercial needs in style. We have been providing reliable, responsible, honest and competent cleaning services for the last 18 years. Nothing is too big or too small for our experts as they are specialized in their respective domains. They always use and recommend modern equipments to their customers. They treat every customer as a part of their family members. They make sure that the surroundings of customers are completely dust free. Customers are also extremely satisfied with their work and behavior. They have completed several projects that include but not limited to retails, day cares, hospitals and offices successfully. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured firm. We are also glad to inform our customers that we have a membership of BBB. We also offer additional services like stripping, floor waxing and shampooing carpet to the residents of Chesterfield, Va. Either you want to hire trustworthy contractor for bathroom cleaning or kitchen cleaning in Chesterfield, VA. We will be glad to assist you in doctor medical or practices office cleanings, manufacturing facilities cleanings, show room cleanings and medical facilities service cleanings in Richmond VA.


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