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Honeywell Partner Company

Professional Security Services is an experienced company that has been proudly serving you since 1979 for all your alarm system repairs, installations, and monitoring in Mar Vista Los Angeles CA. Founded by an aerospace engineer, our company is a partner of Honeywell Interlogic, Caddix, Napco, Sentex and many other companies. We are running a local family-owned business to make you feel more secure and comfortable.

We offer reliable and quality services to ensure your safety. In the present situation of the world, one has to be careful and take all the possible measures to protect your house, office, and most of all your loved ones from any unwanted incident. We are here to serve with the most reliable security system services that you will never feel vulnerable to any mishap. Our technicians have gone through extensive training and they have ample knowledge about the minutest details of your alarms and CCTV. We offer free estimated and warranted services. We are approved and screened by Home Advisor with numerous other certificates. We care for you and will serve you with Honeywell alarm system repair, commercial security alarm repair, residential security alarm repair, alarm monitoring, alarm upgrade, alarm installation, medical alert button, CCTV repair, security camera repair, intercom repair, intercom replacement, intercom upgrade, intercom installation, apartment building intercom repair, hard-wired intercom repair, and false alarm specialist in Mar Vista Los Angeles CA.

Get To Know More About Our Brilliant Services In Mar Vista Los Angeles CA

Our security alarm systems are durable and long-term to safeguard your residential and commercial unit in Mar Vista Los Angeles CA. We have repaired and installed many alarms, security cameras, and intercoms. We provide you with the best services at such reasonable rates that you simply cannot resist calling us. We have worked with military security associations like NATO and CIA and are proud members of numerous security associations such as the Security Industry Association, NAAA, and NBFAA. With Professional Security Services, this is what you will have:

  • Alarm repair
  • Alarm installation
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Security camera repair
  • Intercom repair & replacement
  • Intercom installation

Alarm Repair

We are experts in residential and commercial alarm repair. When your alarm gets damaged, the most common sign is that is starts by itself without the need. Our false alarm specialist will also provide you with a durable Honeywell alarm system repair.

Alarm Installation

An emergency alarm has become a necessity to bring people’s attention during an emergency, especially in the commercial units. You need a reliable alarm installation to make sure that the people visiting your commercial building remains safe and aware. We can also provide you with a medical alert button unit for our residential needs.

Alarm Monitoring

To reduce the chance of any intruders entering your property, we are offering a 24/7 alarm monitoring service to make sure that you and your house is safe. Sleep in peace while we are here to keep you secure. This way, we can also do an alarm upgrade if the alarm is having some trouble.

Security Camera Repair

It is important that the security cameras that you have installed for the purpose of your security are regularly maintained. If not, you will need a CCTV repair in Mar Vista Los Angeles CA. Hire our security camera repair service and your security cameras will function as good as new.

Intercom Services

We can install, repair, replace, and upgrade your intercoms in the most professional manner with the utmost diligence and efficiency.

Reasons To Hire Us

  • We have been in business since 1979
  • We have worked with military associations like NAAA and NBFAA
  • We are a partner Company of Honeywell
  • We offer free estimates
  • Our monitoring service is available 24/7
  • Our repairs and installations are warrantied
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We are linked with all the major manufacturers
  • We are screened and approved with Home Advisor 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 888-431-2489

Our Services providing quality customer service

  • Home Alarm Repair
  • Honeywell Alarm System Repair
  • Residential Security Alarm Repair
  • Alarm Upgrade
  • Medical Alert Button
  • Security Camera Repair
  • Intercom Replacement
  • Intercom Installation
  • Hard Wired Intercom Repair

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