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Are you worried about your move? Well, do not worry anymore because quality moving services in Fairfax VA is ready to make your move easy. Whether you want a short distance move or long distance move, our trained technicians can complete the job easily. We are licensed and are responsible to take your valuable safely to the new place. With quality moving services, we assure you that you will get one of the best moving services in the country. From packing to loading, and unloading they can handle all.

Residential and Commercial Quality moving services

Everybody feels excited about the new place and moving companies keep the excitement high with their quality moving services in Fairfax VA. Residential and commercial moving services ensure that all the goods are transported safely to the new place. However, you can decide your own level of involvement in the moving process with quality moving services. Whether you choose us for your commercial moving or residential moving, you will find that Vanguard moving services provide high quality moving services all the time. Our services are available for all types of moving.

Tuck Loading and Unloading

When you hire us for your moving needs, our quality moving services will not disappoint you. Our professionals bear the burden of your goods so that you can move to the new location easily. This makes the process easier and you can enjoy at your new place. When procuring quality moving services, you do not have to worry about your goods such as vintage furniture items and electrical appliances. Our reliable movers are trained to keep your things safe while moving them.

Packing and Unpacking

You might be afraid of upgrading your lifestyle by moving into a new house. We understand that one of the hectic things about moving to a new place is packing your things. Unpacking is even more tedious and without professional help, your goods might stay inside the boxes for weeks. You can reduce your stress by acquiring quality moving services. Our experts can handle the packing and unpacking process more efficiently. The quality moving services give you peace of mind so that you can plan about your new place.

How to Pack Like a Pro

Although professional quality moving services are available in Fairfax VA but if you still want to pack your things, follow these tips. Our experts help you to do pro-packing for quality moving services.

•    Use the right size boxes

While packing your things arrange them in order and use the right box to pack your things as it will be easy to lift and move. Heavy objects like your books should be packed in small boxes and light objects like clothes could be packed in bigger boxes.

•    Do not leave space in the boxes

Fill in the gaps in your boxes to protect the edges of your delicate things. Loosely packed boxes are difficult to lift and often movers refuse to lift the box. It also increases the chances of damage. However, do not stuff your boxes. When taking quality moving services from Vanguard Moving Services, you can be sure that your goods will be transported safely.

•    Do not mix the things

While packing the things in the boxes, keep in mind that same kind of things should be packed in the same box. Do not mix the strong and heavy items with light and delicate things. Avoid mixing the things from different rooms in the same box as it will be helpful when you unpack it at your new place.

•    Tape and Label the boxes

After packing your things, label the boxes so that you could easily find the things later. Labeling is also helpful as you do not have to hurry for unpacking. The box with essential items can be opened first and you can do the complete unpacking later.

•    Make an inventory

While packing, make a list of all the things you packed. Give one inventory list to the team of quality moving services and keep the other with you to cross-check the products at the end of move. This inventory list will make the process easy for both, you and the moving companies.

•    Label the location

You can also make your moving easy by labeling the boxes with the names where they have to be placed. This is useful at the time of unloading the truck because the moving team already know where to place which box and you do not have to drag the boxes later.

•    First-Night box

The best thing you can do is to fill up a box with all the things that are required at your moving day or the first night. Save yourself from the hassles of unpacking on the first after your moving.

However, if you hire our quick movers your workload will be reduced. Quality moving services offered by us takes the stress out of moving. Our team can handle the moving process that includes packing, labeling, inventory and all other such requirements. Call now and take the advantage of quick movers for easy moving.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons for you to choose our quality moving services in Fairfax VA. Our staff is well-trained, efficient and responsible to make every step of your move easy and comfortable. Above all, we offer affordable rates with same service quality.

Our movers are not limited to pack and unpack your goods but also offer other services such as assembling and disassembling your furniture, junk removal and more. You can also hire our quality moving services for delivering your things to the new place. We provide same day service so that you do not have to wait for us.

What makes our quality moving services best in town is that we complete all the projects in a timely fashion. You can feel relax when our team is moving in your house or dealing with your things. Our movers are also available for free on-site estimates. So do not waste your time on hiring amateur moving companies or searching them online. Contact us today via and experience one of the best moving companies in Fairfax. Call us to book onsite free estimates. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 888-431-2489

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