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Structural Damaged Repair in Your Budget

Due to natural and unnatural occurrences, your home face the damages that might not be easy to repair and the structure may need an overhaul at that moment. This is the time when you need reliable structural damage repair services from us. UV Home Solutions specializes in structural damage caused by wind, fire, and water. Many sentimental and traditional memories are attached to the home and due to this, it is important that the home is restored to the original condition.

We use modern techniques to complete structural damage repair in Houston TX. Our experienced professionals are trained in water damage restoration and fire damage restoration as well. We understand the value of your time and the experienced professionals at UV Home Solutions complete all the projects in a timely fashion. Whether you need to construct a home from scratch or need structural damage repair services, we have affordable plans that can help you to restore the home. The budget-friendly projects are aimed to provide high-end services without putting a burden on your pocket.

Choosing Professional Restoration Companies for Your Home

With our structural damage repair services, your home will just like new. UV Home Solutions are one of the best fire restoration companies in Houston TX. The main reason behind the success of this company is the experienced workforce. We understand the value of your time and make sure that all the projects are completed in an efficient manner. Hire us and forget the worries and problems associated with the home renovation projects.

Experienced Workforce

We employ experienced workforce from all over the country. This ensures that all the projects are completed according to the industry standards. The damage can be caused by multiple reasons and our experienced professionals know the tips and tricks to complete the structural damage repair effectively.


The number one priority of each project is safety. We complete all the projects by keeping the safety and privacy of our clients in mind. We understand the importance of your privacy and complete projects with minimum hindrance to your daily lives. We make sure that after the restoration project you live peacefully in your home.

Necessary Tools

Different tools are required to complete the home renovation or structural damage repair project and we use modern equipment that ensures effective completion of all the projects. It might be difficult to procure all the tools necessary for the structural damage repair project from the market. All the necessary tools required for damage restoration and home improvement projects are stocked in our warehouse.


Structural damage repair and home renovation projects may take forever if you try to complete them by yourself. We provide a clear timeframe for all structural damage repair projects and abide by it. We understand the value of your time and also understand the problems associated with home renovations. We complete all the projects in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

Diverse Home Restoration Services Tailored To Your Everyday Restoration Needs

We offer multiple restoration services that are aimed to make your house beautiful again. Whether you have lost a part of your house to fire or faced water damage due to flood, we have expert professionals that can complete structural damage repair in no time. Some services offered by us are listed below:

Water and Flood Restoration Services

Water damage can come from different factors. We handle structural damage repair projects of different nature and make sure that all the nook and cranny of the house just shine like a pearl. Water can create path holes in the house and damage the foundation of the house. Water damage is also the leading cause of molds and our dedicated structural damage repair team will ensure that your property is safe from all these effects.

Fire Restoration Services

Fire is one of the most dangerous natural element as it burns through all the electronics and furniture items in the house. Our home remodeling projects are geared to eliminate all the signs of fire damage. The damage done to the structure of the house can be repaired with the help of our structural damage repair services.

Roof Repair and Replacement

We provide high-end roofing solutions in Houston TX and its surrounding. Our qualified professionals are second to none in roof repairs and replacements. We provide installations of different roofing systems such as 4 ply roofing, hot roofs, and cold roofs. Apart from this, the dedicated roof repair services provided by us will ensure that you do not need roof repairs for a long time. The structural damage repair depends on the flawless roofing systems as well. We always provide a detailed quote for all the services that are requisite for your home.

Home Renovations

Whether you need bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling, UV Home Solutions is the name you should trust. We have been providing high-end services for many years and have thousands of satisfied clients all over Texas. The primary service offered by us is structural damage repair but our experienced professionals are also well versed in home renovations. We deal with custom projects as well. Our qualified team consists of experienced masons from the country and we are linked with multiple architects and designers all over the country as well. With the help of such dedicated team, we complete all the renovation projects with ease.

All the projects are completed by keeping safety in mind. We have employed industry professionals from all over the country and this helps us to complete projects of different sizes. Whether you need log house repairs or structural damage repair for the whole apartment, we can handle it all.  We provide tailored services that are aligned with your budget and time requirements. Our friendly customer support staff is always available to help you with the restoration projects. They can provide you instructions to swiftly move through the structural damage repair projects. Call us today and get high-end restoration services swiftly. You can also contact us via to book an appointment with our qualified professionals.

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