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Special Inspection Agency in Queens NY

Buying a property is certainly one of the major investments of any individual. We will help you secure your property with our special inspection services in Queens, NY!

While building a house, office building, or a restaurant anything, there are many things to be considered to ensure its long time safety, functioning, usage, etc. There are so many things that can go wrong while erecting a building that taking care of each and every thing can seem quite overwhelming sometimes. This is when professional outside help is required to make sure no factor of crucial significance is overlooked.

We are a special inspection agency in Queens, NY that is qualified to perform a complete inspection of your building and provide you the information if everything is under the city’s rules and regulations or if there is room for improvement.

Services We Offer

We cover all aspects of building inspection so that you don’t have to be bothered by getting a structural inspection from one company and architectural inspection from another. We are a large team of professionals and everyone is a master in his/her field. Our services include:

  • Building architectural service
  • Welding and bolting inspection
  • Material testing service
  • Soil boring test
  • Materials testing and inspection
  • Building vibration monitoring
  • Building crack monitoring
  • Structural engineering service
  • Structural design and calculation
  • Building violation removal

These evaluations are performed by qualified personnel, and after getting your building assessed, you’ll be much more satisfied and relieved. We will not only judge each and every minute detail in the structure and architecture, but also suggest where there are minor or major changes required. We will guide you accurately as to how can the building be more secure and what measures to take to acquire a building permit.

Once a thorough inspection is carried out you’ll be much more confident and will take more informed decisions that are necessary for your construction. We use up to date software to compose our structural shop drawing so that it is handy for everyone to understand.


A building inspection is not only required when a new building is constructed, but also when an old one is being renovated. There are a number of measures to be taken before you plan a renovation and a thorough inspection is carried out to see all the plans are according to the city’ building code requirements and nothing unlawful or dangerous is done. For older buildings, building crack monitoring is a crucial aspect. Our dedicated professionals inspect the site in detail and make sure that during and after the process of renovation it will stay safe and secure.


When the job is so important that there is not only huge sums of money are at stake, but also invaluable human souls could also be affected greatly, then there is no room for even a minor error. Our company fully comprehends the seriousness of our job and hire only the best professional and then train them some more to be absolutely accurate. The strength of our company lies in the fact that we cover so many areas and excel in every one of them.

Everything from the inspection of structural materials to fire protection systems is meticulously judged and analyzed by our professionals. Our job is to thoroughly workmanship, while keeping in mind that there should be 100% compliance between the building code of the city and the construction work at hand. Moreover, our special inspector in Queens, NY thoroughly evaluates existing structures which have been damaged by calamities such as earthquakes, floods, fire etc.

Why are we unmatched

We are not only here to inspect and point out flaws, rather we truly care about our clients and consider them as real assets. We consider it our duty to ensure that the clients who come to us feel completely satisfied and carefree that is why we offer building expediting service as well. So that not only your construction is 100% error free and in compliance with the city building code, but also, you don’t have to bear any losses if your construction falls behind the time.

The value that we provide to our customers and genuine concern is unparalleled. We inform you about each and every step taken so that you don’t have to feel out of the loop and won’t give you any surprises by hiding anything from you. We make a thorough report that that won’t leave anything out. Everything will be included from the list of supplies, the state of materials and suggestions for necessary repairs or modifications.

We are affordable

While constructing a building, everything seems to be out of estimated price and the pressure of completing everything within the pre decided budget might feel overwhelming to us all. We aspire to lift some of that burden off of you and offer very low charges for our services. It’s a win-win situation as the services we are offering are unmatched in their professional domain, while the charges are very reasonable and that makes us very conveniently affordable.

Why hire us

According to the New York City’s building code requirement you need to hire a special inspection agency to assess whether the construction meets the requirements of the city’s building code or not. For this purpose you need a reliable and competent agency to carry out inspections in all the areas accurately. We are a certified company who takes their work determinedly and provide you with accurate knowledge about your building. We fully acknowledge the fact that inspecting all the aspects of the architect and the structure is a huge responsibility and there is no room for error, as an error in judgment here can cause grave consequences.

Our special inspectors are fully qualified and trained. They are so experienced that there is no question about their reliability and competence, their analysis is accurate and absolute.  The purpose of hiring third party inspection agencies is to acquire unbiased, professional evaluation and our company’s reputation fits just that.

That is why our company is accredited by the New York City Department of Buildings.

You can contact us for booking your appointment by calling us at 888-431-2489, or just send an email at Further information can also be acquired just by calling this number or even if some additional services are needed, that can also be arranged. We are only one call away.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 888-431-2489

Our Services providing quality customer service

  • Special Inspection
  • Special Inspector
  • Structural Inspection
  • Third Party Inspection Agencies
  • Material Testing Service
  • Materials Testing And Inspection
  • Building Crack Monitoring
  • Structural Design And Calculation
  • Building Architectural Service

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